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We will personally imprint your dominoes with monograms, names, photographs and designs for a custom set that is the gift of a lifetime.

Our wide selection of dominoes including Double 6 to Double 12, Cardominoes and Number Dominoes continue to be personalized in the United States – a proud tradition since 1954 !

Whether competing in a domino tournament, attending a family game night or playing your favorite game of Mexican Train at a dominos pizza party, you will love the fun & laughter of playing these traditional & challenging games.


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Our dominoes are designed and imprinted in America and are the only dominoes in the world that can be permanently decorated with designs, logos and personalization. Made from  Marblelike™ resin, these dominoes have the look and feel of ivory. Domino games basically use 3 types of domino sets. Double 6 sets, 1-4 players, (28 dominoes, black dots) are for the games, Straight Dominoes, 42, Moon, 5-Up, Latin American Match and 46 others. Double 9 sets, 1-6 players, (55 dominoes, colored dots) are for Chickenfoot®, Cuban Dominoes and 58 others. Double 12 sets, 1-8 players, (91 dominoes, colored dots) are for Mexican Train© and 66 others. All sets include the basic Double 6 set with added dominoes and dots to become Double 9 or Double 12 sets. Puremco Dominoes are the largest, thickest and world's finest. Each set is packaged and shrink-wrapped in our signature burgundy and gold, heavy-duty, leather-textured, chipboard case, shown above. They are packaged with the dominoes visible to readily show the logo/design to the viewer when presented. Eight different game rules are enclosed. Optional custom designed cases are available as shown.


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