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Puremco is everything dominoes!

Your premier source for dominoes, domino accessories & exclusive MarbleLike personalized dominoes!

Puremco 2013 Catalog

PUREMCO, founded in 1954 in Waco, Texas is your premier source for dominoes and domino accessories.

Our wide selection includes dominos from Double 6 to Double 18, Number Dominoes and the original authorized games of Chickenfoot®, Mexican Train©, Spinner® SuperTrain™ and our unique Texas Hold’Em CARDominoes™.

Our collection of “TO GO” travel domino games include Chickenfoot®, Mexican Train©, and Spinner® are designed with new Fun Size tiles and large colorful numbers.  

Whether competing in a domino tournament, attending a family game night or playing your favorite game of Chickenfoot at a dominos pizza party, you will love the fun & laughter of playing these traditional & challenging games.

We can also personally imprint your dominoes with monograms, names and designs for a custom set that is the gift of a lifetime.